Learn how to use the different menus, views and how to select time periods.

Lean-Case has one major Main Menu and one Profile Menu:

  • Use the Main Menu to work on your current Lean-Case with 5 Key Menu Items to create your case components and 4 Menu Items to review  your entire Lean-Case
  • Use the Profile Menu to help you set up Lean-Case environment the way you want, and move between your different Lean-Case projects available on your Project Space.

Main Menu

The main menu bar has up to 8 tabs to help you create, manage and review the Lean-Case on which you work.


There are 5 key menu items to plan, check, manage and track the key components of a Lean-Case:

In addition, there is the Dashboard Menu to review a Lean-Case in detail


Key Menus: Views and Time Selection

The 5 key menu items all provide very similar functionality in terms of sub-menu views, time selection and other functionalities like export and sharing:
  • Select between 4 views behind the sub menus of each key menu item (see figure):
    • Select the Plan View to create and review your assumptions
    • Select the Check View to review your assumptions in detail and 
    • Select the Manage View (only in Revenue Menu) to understand Customer Lifetime Metrics and overall revenue economics  
    • Select the Track View to review how your actuals compare against your plan 

  • Within each view, browse the data by selecting a time period of months, quarters or years  (see figure).
    • If you select a monthly view, Lean-Case shows data for the 12 months of a given year. 
    • If you select a quarterly view, Lean-Case shows data for the next 12 quarters
    • If you select a yearly view, Lean-Case shows data for the next 5 years.

  •  Download the data of your respective view or share your Lean-Case with other users


Profile Menu 

Lean-Case displays a Profile Menu on the top right of the screen which provides access to some special features.

  • My Profile - Manage your own user profile and password
  • My Project Space - Return to the Lean-Case home page
  • Logout securely