If you've never used Lean-Case before, start by creating and activating your account. Next, add a first Lean-Case Project choosing from the available Business Model Templates.

Sign up with Lean-Case and activate your account

  1. Go to the Lean-Case sign up page (Lean-Case.com website).
  2. Enter your details, read and agree to the terms of use and privacy policy, then click Sign Up.
  3. Open the activation email from Lean-Case. Check your spam folder if you don't receive the email within a few minutes.
  4. Click the activation link in the email, then click Log In to your account.

Add your first Lean-Case

Once you've logged into your Lean-Case account, you're ready to set up your first Lean-Case. You are on the Project Space "Your Lean-Case Projects". Click on the big + icon to add your first Lean-Case. 

A dialogue opens. You can select a Business Model Templates with sample data  or start to build you case from scratch.


Confirm your choice with <Next< to move to the next step. Enter and select:

  • the Project's Name,
  • the Currency your Lean-Case uses, 
  • the Month when your Lean-Case starts
  • the Duration of your Lean-Case in years (default is 5 years)
  • the Logo for this Lean-Case to recognize it fast on your Lean-Case Home page