The idea of the dashboard – reports  is to show you all standard financial reports in one place.

Currrently the menu shows a combined profit and loss and a cash flow statement.

Key Metrics show you

  • The # of total customers at the end of the selected time period
  • The revenues at the end of the selected time period
  • Time-to-break-even which is the point in time when EBITDA turns positive for the first time
  • The Max Cash Reuirementd during the selected time period
  • Time-to-get-investment back which is the point in time when cumulative cash-flow turns positive


The chart shows you Revenues, EBITDA and cumulated cash-flow

The P&L reports combines all data in one place –

  • Revenenues, CogS CaC,
  • operating expenses for headcount compensation and
  • headcount related cost from Headcount teams
  • operating expense from Expense Groups as well as
  • depreciation and cash- flow .

You can drill down into each total and see the data by revenue stream.

At the same time, the P&L reports serves as simulation dashboard – you can select which revenues streams, teams and expense groups you want to include in your report.