The Customer Mix is the sales driven by particular types / segments of customers as a percentage of business’s total sale. 

The first Customer Type is automatically set up upon creation of a new revenue Stream. 

Add additional customer types by clicking the <+Add Plan> button. Upon adding more than one Customer Type,  Data Series Group "Forecast in %" is enabled for each Customer Type:

  • Enter the share of new customers in % for which the respective Customer Type accounts for (e.g. Small Customers account for 40% of all new customers)
  • Ensure that Forecast values for all Customer Types add up to 100% (e.g. small customer account for 40%, large customers for 60% of all new customers)
  • if Forecast Values vary over time (e.g. share of Small Customers decreases from 40% to 20% and share of large customers increases from 60% to 80%) use the table icon  to enter varying values over time.