You find different icons in Lean-Case providing different type of help.
Help via the Menu Bar
Click the help icon in the menu bar to launch the Help Centre, to get help for the respective page or "Show/Hide Getting Started" to use the Getting-Started-Box
Help via the Getting-Started-Box  
By default, the Getting-Started-Box is activated for every user. It shows relevant links to videos and help articles for the respective pages.
You can hide it by clicling the "Show/Hide Getting Started" item in the help menu.
Help when creating a Lean-Case
When creating a Lean-Case you can select from different templates to start a case with example data. Click on your preferred template. Each box describes the template and provides further links to the help portal and videos. 
Help when working in a Lean-Case 
When working in Lean-Case you typically plan your case by working in widgets. You typically find a deep link with context specific help and a Benchmark Link to relevant benchmarks in Lean-Marks in the upper left corner of each widget