The purpose of the Data Capture Widget is to capture a data series with varying numbers over time which cannot be easily created using other Lean-Case standards. 

 The Data Capture Widget is used across Lean-Case to

  • capture a new revenue stream (as part of the revenue stream Service)
  • capture direct and indirect operating expenses (Cost of Good Sold, Cost of Selling and Expenses)
  • edit percentage rates (such as rates for growth, expansion, churn, ..)
  • enter actuals as part of the Actuals Menu 

It provides high flexiblity to enter a series of data over time 

In order to look at the data, there are three major controls
  • Monthly / Quartely / Yearly Form
  • Values / Increments / Percentage View
  • Editing / Viewing Mode 


Select in which of 3 time period forms you want to look at the data series: 


  • Monthly Form
  • Quarterly Form and
  • Yearly Form


Look at the data series in 3 different views 

  • the Value View shows the absolute values of your data series
  • the Increments View shows the absolute increase of a value in a given period compared to the value in the preceeding period (e.g. if the value in Jan is 1000 and the value in Feb is 1100 then the Increments View shows an increment value of 100 (=1100-1000) for Feb)
  • the Percent View shows the percent increase of the a value in a given period compared to the value in the preceeding period (e.g. if the value in Jan is 1000 and the value in Feb is 1100 then the Percent View shows a percent increase of 10% (=(1100-1000)/1000) for Feb)


Look at the data table in 2 different modes


  • Viewing Mode shows the data table well formatted without the ability to edit it.  The Viewing Mode is available for all Time Forms and Data Views
  • Editing Mode shows the data table with the ability to change data in the cells. In oder to save a change, you have to click Apply Changes. The Editing Mode is not available for the Increments and Percentage View when Quarterly or Yearly forms are shown (see table below)

The Data Capture Widget shows data in table form and as a chart.