If you want to create an initial data series, you can apply the Create Data Logic, e.g. if you have a

  • expense of $1000 in Aug 2017 growing by $100 per quarter for the next 2 years or
  • revenue of $500 in Jan 2018 growing by 10% per month for 1 year

To create such a data series

  • Make sure you are in Editing Mode
  • Click the "Create Data" icon to open a modal form



  • enter your parameters to create an initial data series into the modal form
    • an initial value
    • how to grow the intial value (in terms of absolute or percent increments)
    • the growth value (as an absolute or perdent number)
    • how often your data series grows by the growth value (on a monthly, quarterly or yearly basis)
    • in which month you start the growth
    • in which month you stop the growth
  • Click the <Apply> button to fill the table with your data  table and check the data


Click the Apply Changes icon to save your changes