Let's assume that you want to create a data series with values growing periodically (e.g. a value of 100 should increase by 50 every year9

Click the Table Icon to open Data Capture Widget. 

You have two fast options:

  1. use the Create Data Series Icon
  2. use the Increments view 

Increase values via Create Data Series

  1. Click the Create Data Series Icon  in the upper left corner  to open a modal form 
  2. Enter your parameters into the Model Dialogue (e.g. Start your Data series with an initial value of 100 growing absolute by 50 units per year)
  3. Click the Apply Changes Icon to save your changes
  4. Click the <Save> Button


Increase values using the Increments View 

  1. Select Increments from the View Dropdown in the upper right corner 
  2. The increments view shows the absolute increments per month (e.g. if your initial data Series is 100 for all periods, then monthly increments are 0)
  3. Enter the increments in those periods when you want the data to rise
  4. Click the Apply Changes Icon  to save your changes
  5. Switch back to the Values View and check ther sult
  6. Click the <Save> Button