To add Funding, click the button <+ Add Capital> to add a Capital Widget and select Capital Type "Funding".

After adding the Funding Widget, enter a group name to describe it (e.g. Loans, Stock Purchase, ..).

To add funding to this Funding Group, click the button <+ Add Funding Item> .


  • the description of your funding item
  • the Funding Type
  • the Funding Amount 
  • the Month when you receive the Funding



For the Funding Type, you can select between "Loan", "Own Contribution", "Common Stock" and "Preferred Stock".  

 If you receive a Loan (Funding Type is "Loan"), also enter

  • the Interest which has to be paid for the Loan 
  • the period for which interest has to be paid (Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly) and 
  • the lenght of the loan in number of month after which the loan has to re-paid


If you receive Funding via your Own Contribution or a Stock Purchase, interest is not applicable and you don't have to enter the respective parameters.

You can add several Funding Groups and add as as many funding items per group as you want.