Cost of Marketing are part of the Customer Acquisition Cost (how much it costs to acquire a customer) and include all direct marketing cost to create and convert a lead into a paying customer.

Learn how to add Cost of Marketing by answering 2 questions

  • Add Cost of Leads - how much does it cost to bring a qualified lead into the pipeline?
  • Add Lead Conversion - what percentage of qualified leads do you convert into paying customers

Add Cost of Leads

Add Cost of Leads by defining

  • Lead Channels - through which channels are you creating your leads?
  • the Share of Leads for each channel - which percentage of leads are you creating via each channel?
  • the Cost per Lead in each channel - what is the cost of one lead per channel

To add a new Lead Channel, click the <+ Add Cost of Leads> button. If you are generating leads via Events and Online Paid Traffic in the Web, add 2 Lead Channels. 


Per Lead Channel, enter
  • the Share of Leads in % which you generate through this channel, e.g. 60% of your leads are generated via Events, 40% via the web
  • the Cost per paid Lead, e.g. a lead created through an Event costs $50 and in the Online Paid Traffic costs $10

Note: The Share of Leads across all Lead-Channels must add up to 100%


Add Lead Conversion

Add Lead Conversion in your pipeline by defining the pipeline stages and the conversion from stage to stage.

Add your Lead Conversion Stages by clicking the <+ Add Lead Conversion> button. If your qualified leads first turn into opportunities and then sign up for free trials before they convert into paying customers, add 2 Conversion Stages.    


Per Lead Conversion Stage, enter

  • the description of the stage, e.g. Opportunity, Trial, ..
  • the conversion rate in % from this stage into the next stage, e.g. 10% of your leads convert into opportunities, 20% of your opportunities convert into Trials, 50% of your opportunities convert into Paying Customers

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