To add Actuals, click the button <+ Add Actuals> to add a Actual Widget.

After adding the Actuals Widget, enter

  • a group name to describe the Actuals Group (e.g. Actuals - Revenues, ..).
  • select for which Plan you enter Actuals (e.g. if you want to capture Actuals for your Revenues in the last month, select the Revenue Plan, ...)
  • optionally select a Sub-Plan for which you enter Actuals (e.g. for Revenues select from the list of Revenue Streams which you added) 

You can capture Actuals for all Plans entered: Revenues, CoGS, CAC, Headcounts, Expense, Capex or Cash Flow.


You also have the option to enter Options by Sub-Plan, e.g. if you have diffent lines of business which you added in the revenue plan (e.g. Revenue Streams for Product A and Product B). Then you can keep the same granularity to enter your Actuals by selecting a Sub-Plan. A Sub-Plan is represented by the Widgets added in each of the Plan Views  (the Revenue Streams in Menu Revenue), the Headcount Teams in Menu Headcount, the Expense Groups in Menu Expenses and the Funding and Capex Groups in Menu Capital.


Compared to the other widgets, the Actuals Menu is quite different. It opens an editable table. You can 

  • manually enter data into this data series
  • create an initial data series
  • upload a data file 

 Press the switch "Show Chart", to also see a chart for the data you fille into the table.